Rentals - Photo & Video Shoots

Booking Information and Rates for Photo & Video Shoots 

SF Citadel is a 7,000 square foot facility.  The main floor is well appointed for all sort of video and production uses.


The previous usage for the building was as a dance club and while this isn't our usage, the architectural features of the space lends itself to a variety of video and photographic possibilities.   The spacious main area features a large lighted floor that is slightly raised from the rest of the area.   The entrance area serves as a “neutral zone” for intake and/or check-in with lockers for storing clothes and personal items.  There is a large social area with multiple couches and a more relaxed space.    


There are secondary rooms which can also be easily set up for production meetings, crew meals, and other small gatherings.

  • Two bathrooms,  break room in a modified Bar setting.  
  • There is also a variety of BDSM related furniture which can be moved aside or serve as props.

Amateur photography/stills with no connected sales:
$75/hour, 2 hour minimum (up to 4 photographers; inquire about additional photographers)

Professional photo or video shoots:
Negotiable on a case-by-case basis according to needs. Call for rates.