Rentals - Classes & Meetings

Booking Information and Rates for Classes and Meetings 

Individuals and community groups are invited to use the facility when not booked for Citadel events. Bookings for meeting and programs are done on a first-come, first-served basis.  Basic rates depend on facility needs, but here are some guidelines:

Educational Programs:
Simple weeknight program, up to four hours, ending no later than 10 PM:
Saturday or Sunday afternoon ending no later than 6 PM unless pre-arranged with management:


Peer workshops: 
Sliding Scale 


Citadel-sponsored programs/workshops: 
Rental fees and door management to be pre-arranged with management.


Simple meetings:


Discussion groups:
Sliding Scale 


Local leather community groups:
Call for pricing


If you are a local leather organization, and especially not-for-profit chartered, we often discount meeting time based on availability and also support that we receive from your group.