Consent Policy

Consent Policy


1. If a consent incident takes place at the Citadel please:

    a. Notify the party host or Manager. If you cannot find either on the floor
        please go to the cashier at the front desk and have them call in the Manager.

    b. File a consent incident report

       1. This is a document created to gather basic information about the parties
           involved. The information gathered will be filed by Management, records
           kept and a database utilized to keep track of offenders..

2. If a consent violation takes place outside of Citadel:

    a. Individuals involved can notify management if there is concern for the
        community safety while inside the walls of Citadel.

    b. Concerned Citizen Report will be filled out and this shall be kept on record and in a database to keep track of possible    

        safety concerns around the individual. Unfortunately, since we are not an investigatory body, we can merely attempt      

        to keep our eyes open and have a Watch List of noted people of interest.

3. Registered Sex Offenders

    a. If it is brought to our attention that someone is on the Registered Sex
       Offender’s List that individual will be added to the Citadel’s Permanent Ban List
       with confirmation from the SOAR (Sex Offender and Arson Registry List)

4. Temporary Restraint Orders and Restraint Orders

    a. Individuals who have TROs or ROs in place are to notify Citadel Management
        and provide copies of the court documents. These TROs and ROs will be
        enforced while they are in effect. Individuals that have the TRO or RO against
        them and are at the same event as the individual the documents protect will be
        asked to leave.

    b. If conflict occurs in the form of argument surrounding the enforcement of the
       TRO or RO, the individual will be added to the temporary ban list until the TRO
       or RO is no long in place.

    c. TRO and RO documentation must be in physical custody of the individual
       wishing enforcement if copies of documentation have not previously been
       given to Management.

Watch Lists and Ban Lists:

5. Three Strikes Rule (minor violations such as violation of rules)

    a. Once a complaint has been made and paperwork filed regarding an individual, we are instituting a three strikes rule.             If said individual has three separate complaints filed against them, they will be added to the temporary ban list of 6


    b. In order for the individual to attend events at the Citadel again, the individual
        must go to the Newcomer’s Class in order to refamiliarize themselves with the
        Citadel rules and code of conduct.

    c. Upon completing the class, they will be allowed to attend events with the
        understanding that they are on a Temporary Watch List.

    d. If the individual reoffends, they will be added to the Permanent Ban List.

6. Severe Offenses within Citadel:

    a. If an individual commits an act of rape or other illegal actions the police will
        be notified.

    b. Individual placed on permanent ban list