Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Statement of Principle
SF Citadel owners and hosts are committed to providing a fun, creative and sexy environment that is free from harassment, abusive behavior and consent violations. We are dedicated to furthering freedom of expression in tandem with personal accountability, while striving to eliminate abusive behaviors.

Attendees must recognize that some types of behavior are offensive to others and harmful to the community, and that these factors must be considered when playing in public spaces and participating in our community. SF Citadel expects high standards of behavior and will make every effort to insure that all attendees act responsibly and with sensitivity.

Attendees are expected to be accountable for the consequences of their actions and to consider the well-being of themselves, others and the Citadel. Conduct which undermines this code, or is exploitative of others, may be cause for removal from the event and/or banning from future events.

The following actions may be cause for removal, tempory or perminant banning from the SF Citadel.

1- Consent Violations
Examples include but are not limited to: Failure to honor and use safewords, failure to honor stated limits and/or boundaries, violations of personal space and/or boundaries.

2- Harassment
Examples include but are not limited to: bullying, coercion, unwanted sexual advances, false accusations or defamation.

3- Abusive Behavior
Examples include but are not limited to: coercion, intimidation, nonconsensual physical abuse.

4- Individuals who are on the sex offender registry (aka "Megan's List") or who otherwise have a history of criminal conviction for sex or violent crimes are not permitted to attend events at the SF Citadel

Violation of this Code of Conduct

We take reports very seriously. If you are being harassed, have your consent violated, or even just see an attendee making others uncomfortable, please report this to the event hosts as soon as possible. The name(s) of the event hosts are written on the board at the front desk, and the hosts can generally be easily found circulating around the event wearing a blue light-up armband. You may also ask the DM (wearing an orange vest or orange arm band) or the cashier to radio an event host. Whenever possible, we encourage you to report any code of conduct violations at the event, as soon as possible. We recognize that sometimes reports cannot be made immediately. To make a report after an event, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Review Process
A- If a violation of this code of conduct is witnessed or disclosed during an event, the event managers/hosts reserve the right to resolve the matter according to their own judgement in the moment, including ejecting an attendee from the Citadel. Any such cases will also be reported to the SF Citadel review committee for further discussion/management.
B- Issues submitted via email will be addressed by the SF Citadel review committee, who will consider the issue, hear as many perspectives as possible and determine the actions that will be taken by the Citadel.
C- Remedies can range from removal from a single event, to requirements to attend a training program, to banning from all Citadel events.

In short:

By attending a Citadel event you affirm that you will be honest and respectful in all your interactions and will be accountable for your actions and behavior.