The SF Citadel is located at:  


181 Eddy Street (Between Mason and Taylor Streets)

San Francsico, CA. 94102

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We can be reached at:

Transportation and Parking

Parking is available at many different lots in the vicinity, many of them 24 hour lots.  The lot directly East of our door, a few steps down the street, will stay open for our events.

The building is in the heart of downtown, one block from both the Parc 55 Hotel and the Hilton, and three blocks from Union Square.

The Powell street BART station is roughly two blocks East on Market street

The Muni F line is roughly two blocks away on Market street  There are a large number of buses that stop at the Market and 5th street stations.

The 31 Bus line runs directly down Eddy street.

Street parking is available as well, however as this is San Francisco, a reminder....  leave nothing in your car. No matter where you park in SF, if you leave anything in your car, someone will want it!


Parking lots here: 







Unfortunately, the SFCitadel is not wheelchair accessible.  At the time of our most recent move having wheelchair accessibility was high on our list, but unfortunately it was not to be.   The difficulties in finding a space for a public dungeon made us move to a location, which while making a great dungeon, is on the second floor and accessed by a long staircase.  We looked into the feasibility of a chairlift, but a curve and landing on the staircase made this impossible.  We tried, but it was, unfortunately, not to be.