Have you been longing to do a truly perverted scene where others may look in awe and dismay? Do you fantasize about a scene that gets you completely hot, but worried the BDSM police may get all frowny faced at you? This is the party for you!

Bring your darkest, most fucked up, most edgy scene to this party. Shows us just how twisted your mind is.

If there is something particularly grandiose you want for your Taboo scene, contact Mirka via PM to help in facilitating your fun.

TABOO is a Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) based play environment. We want everyone to feel welcome, play safe, and have fun doing it. Citadel Dungeon Monitors have gone through the Citadel DM classes, training shifts, and vetting process.

Loud noise warning: There will be very loud vocalizations due to the nature of the party. If you are sound sensitive, please bring ear protection.

As always, ALL Citadel rules apply. The SF Citadel presents the city's premier BDSM space! We provide furniture, scene music, munchies, refreshments, and *evil laught* ambiance. You bring your implants of choice and your hot, sexy energy!