Parties & Events

The SF Citadel works tirelessly to bring educational, interesting and fun-filled events to the San Francisco Bay Area community. In the menu items you'll find a bit of information about some of our events.


For a full listing of all events being held at the Citadel, please check out our calendar.


Most of our specialty events are held once per quarter unless otherwise specified, often 4 times/year with varying themes for each event.

These types of specialty events are usually, but not always, geared towards specific kink segments.


"Bent" - TNG / Under-40

"Crush" - All individuals who do not identify as cis-male. 

"Luscious" - A Celebration of Curves

"Master's Den" - Male-Tops/Female-bottoms

"Mystique" - Female-Tops/Any-bottoms

"Taboo" - A Party for more edgy play

"Transmission" - An event for Trans people and friends

"Tryst" - A specialty event for people who consider themselves "on the market" for new dating partners.

 Escape - Citadel Open Event


Essentially a more low-key evening when the dungeon is open but there is no major "theme" party, etc. Perhaps a better time to come in, get to meet some people in a less frenzied environment, and enjoy a little more space in the dungeon. Often other groups hold "Take-overs" of an open event to celebrate birthdays, have silly impromptu themes, or for a smaller group to have a gathering without needing to rent the entire dungeon space.



Several Special Events are annual or seasonal in nature:

Folsom Street Fair Events - The largest Kinky Street Festival in the world.  This weekend is jam packed with events.

SF Pride Celebrations - Pride celebration in San Franciso.  The Citadel marches in the parade, has sometimes done floats, etc.